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Power tilt and trim solenoid

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  • Power tilt and trim solenoid

    Im putting a used trim pump in my boat and i believe the solenoid that came with it is either bad or its the wrong one for this pump. I can get the pump to run one direction if i wire it through the solenoid and when i hardwired it i got it to run both directions. I pulled the solenoid off and I noticed its made by motorcraft (ford) and looks identical to the starter solenoid on the engine (ford 351w). Will another ford starter solenoid work? Is there any difference between a starter solenoid and a trim pump solenoid? Thanks

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    Re: Power tilt and trim solenoid

    Been there done that... I also used an auto (Ford) solenoid. Worked for several years until I sold my boat.

    I guess they are not marine grade and technically not allowed as per the coasties, but they do work well.