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1996 Volvo DPS trim/tilt problems

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  • 1996 Volvo DPS trim/tilt problems

    Need some help identifying the root problem I am experiencing with the tilt/trim on my 1996 Cobalt 252 Volvo penta DPs 7.4L.

    Intermittent, usually after an hour or so in the lake, my trim gauge go Up to Down like a pendulum, about one second from up to down and back. I can usually clear this issue by depressing the trailer button and then bump the trim up or down. then gauge works fine and trim goes up/down with no problems.

    After a weekend on the lake the gauge scanned up/down and I could not clear the problem. Even after being out of the water for a week, gauge still had issues.

    Took boat to service shop, they replaced the trim sending unit (3 wire) and the problem appeared to go away. First time back on the lake and gauge started scanning, bumped trim up/down and problem goes away.

    Not much the service center can do since it is so intermittent at this time. I have seen mention of a 'black box', which my boat has PN 3851584 'trim control unit'. This part is no longer available, but seems to be the next logical choice.

    Looking for anyone who has experienced similar problems, or heard of a work around. With the three wire senders, if anything goes wrong the trim just does not work. This is no fun when you are trying to get your drive up when trailering the boat. Sometimes I have to keep pressing the trailer button, bumping trim up/down and wait for something to click in and then the drive goes up.


    Brett Wright