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Detroit diesel engines

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  • Detroit diesel engines

    I have a 1976 6v53 detroit diesel inboard that has not been started in 11 years.
    engine is not seized up and was winterized at that time.what precautions should
    be done before trying to start engine.also what weight engine oil should be used,
    and what type of antifreeze should i use in cooling system.
    thanks for any information anyone can provide.

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    I would suggest using heavy duty ELC antifreeze. Need low silicate type by DD, Fleet Guard or NAPA, that is pre charged with SCA (Supplemental Coolant Additive)

    Oil 15W40 Diesel oil

    If you have to remove the air filter to where its a smooth round opening, and have a board or plate the size of the hole. The board can be used to kill the motor if it starts to run away at high rpm and the throttle will not control it. If it does this, slap the board/plate over the intake and the motor will die.

    It probably won't do this but this is just incase
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      thank you for that quick reply.i will let you know
      when i get it running.