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1977 140 hp Tilt Trim Replacement

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  • 1977 140 hp Tilt Trim Replacement

    Hey guys, Looking for some guidance. This is my first post but i've been surfing these forums for several years and I appreciate all the information that is available here.

    1977 Evinrude 140

    The wires for the tilt trim motor have dry rotted and frayed right where they turn and go though the transom bracket and into the body of the electric motor itself. I've found several aftermarket / replacement motors for this, but I'm wondering if this can be attempted with the Outboard still mounted on the boat, or if it has to come off?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Raise the motor manually and lock it and it can be done.


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      Thanks, I assume its much easier to do it with the motor off the boat. I just wanted to know if its possible, to make sure there werent and physical reasons it was impossible.


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        It can be done either way. Which ever is easier for you.