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Power Trim/Tilt Installation Wiring Issues

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  • Power Trim/Tilt Installation Wiring Issues

    Hi There,

    I recently got a second hand 1985 outboard Evinrude motor with power trim. When purchased it did not have the relays or wiring completed on the power trim. Now that I have bought all the parts and wiring, I have attempted to do it myself.

    I have followed the wiring diagram I found online which can be found at the link attached.

    I have connected the positive cables from ports 87 on the relays to my kill switch which is also fused with a 40amp fuse box. I also have the red wire from the trim switch connected to the positive connection of my kill switch.

    I have the ground ports and also the black wire on the power trim connected to the negative terminal on my kill switch.

    Every time I click UP or Down on my trim switch I blow a fuse. I have tried to hard wire the positive wires by removing the fuse box and the relays start smoking when I click up or down. The trim does move however... Obviously I am getting too much juice somehow and the wiring is wrong.

    Could you shed some light as to why or where I have gone wrong?



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    Anyone able to help??


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      Kill switch has nothing to do with power trim tilt.---How many wires on the tilt motor is it 2 or 3 wires ?


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        The tilt motor has 3 wires. Blue, Red and Black. I have read that there is supposed to be a Green wire but Red replaces the "down" wire on my trim.

        Sorry I didn't mean my kill switch, I have connected the positive and grounds to the battery switch. I have also tried to hard wire directly to the battery instead and still no luck.


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          Ok I have read up on it more and realised that I have been trying to install my 3 wire trim/tilt with the 2 relays. I have been told that this only applies to a 2 wire power trim.

          I am picking up a solenoid today and installing it based on a 3 wire power trim configuration, lets hope it works.