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Mid 90's Mariner Magnum 40hp Trim Relay Harness question

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  • Mid 90's Mariner Magnum 40hp Trim Relay Harness question

    I'm getting (I think a 96?) Mariner Magnum 40hp outboard that's just been rebuilt and is in great running condition with a pontoon I'm picking up. The only thing its missing is the tilt/trim setup. The boat is already wired for it, but the motor itself is lacking the assembly for the relays, right now it's just the wires sitting there bundled without the relay sockets etc.

    I've seen some replacements online for quite a bit of money : http://www.iboats.com/Mercury-Marine...view_id.336100

    Now, I see no real reason why I can't just make this myself. Seems like a 50A fuse, 2 sockets and some wire. I mean, its just relays to get power to the trim pump right? Is there a reason why I need the "Mariner" relay replacements or can I just use something like : https://www.superbrightleds.com/more...oogleBaseChild

    Boat will be in freshwater, and theres no reason the motor should ever get really wet. The seals on the case are good. I can't think of any reason, unless the power draw was over the relay's specs, or theres some corrosivbe/water issue, that I would need some $50 relays and a $150 harness, when I can build the whole thing for less than $10.

    Am I missing something?

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