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Overheating engine damage 2006 PCM 350

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  • Overheating engine damage 2006 PCM 350

    Question for the experts:
    Potential engine damage 2006 PCM engine was run without lake water recirculation. (My son forgot to open the valve last time it was run on land) Motor was run for 15-20 minutes. Was running at 3000rpm across lake and smelled somthing burning. Saw white smoke trailing from the back of the boat. Shut engine down immediately. Opened Engine compartment with fire extinguisher at the ready, but no smoke in engine compartment.
    Note: engine temp guage never exeeded 175 degrees no engine overheat warning.
    Engine compartment smelled like burning fiberglass. Removed engine cover and no burnt or melted wires gaskets were visible. Discovered closed water inlet valve. Opened valve.
    Let engine cool for 1 hour. Engine restarted and idled fine. Concern about engine dammage returned to boat ramp at low rpm. Engine ran as ussual with no signs of misfire hesitation etc.
    Concerend about very bad burnt fiberglass smell in the engine compartment. What parts should be inspected and or replaced after an issue like this? Will obviously replace impeller, as was run dry for 20 minutes. Engine Thermostat was replaced less than a year ago.
    Did i get lucky or am i waiting for the other shoe to drop.
    Any advice is welcome.

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    Concerend about very bad burnt fiberglass smell in the engine compartment. What parts should be inspected and or replaced after an issue like this?
    Ayuh,.... Welcome Aboard,...... Anything in the exhaust system aft of the risers is no doubt Fried to a crisp, with no water flow,....

    Shutters are rubber, connection collars, usually rubber, ya got any fiberglass exhaust parts,....
    Maybe the exhaust runnin' "Near" fiberglass,..??

    Heat gauges, 'n alarms need water contactin' the senders to work proper,....


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      Thanks Bondo,

      Am digging deeper into the exhaust system to figure out where the burning fiberglass smell is coming from and check to see what else is fried.
      just put a new fresh air exhaust on the boat last year will have to remove the exterior exhaust to check internal flappers.
      this is a 2006 Air Nautique 226 it looks like it has a fiberglass muffler behind the engine, will be difficult to inspect hoses clamps and fittings.

      Want to insect as much as possible before taking it to a shop.
      Would a compression test of all cylinders be the best way to check for any internal engine issues?
      Thank you again for the help.


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        your fiberglass muffler is toast.... will need a replacment.

        yes, a compression test is a must.
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          Compression test and also check for water in the cyls and oil (blown head gasket)/
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