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1985 Bayliner Sunbridge Volvo Penta 225 motor

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  • 1985 Bayliner Sunbridge Volvo Penta 225 motor

    Hi! I’m a new boat owner, I just bought my very first boat. I bought a 1985 Bayliner Sunbridge, it has a 225 Volvo Penta motor. The drive cables (cable gears) are broken or stuck, the trim casing/housing is broken and can’t be welded back. I don’t really know the names of the parts (I’m speculating and hoping I’m close enough that someone understands what I’m talking about). Can anyone tell me how to repair the casing or what part to order and from where to replace it? Any advice/information would be extremely appreciated. Thanks in advance

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    your best bet is to start looking around for a complete drive. those parts are really expensive thru volvo

    how long has the boat been sitting in water? that is one neglected drive.

    you can look up parts here http://www.volvopentastore.com/

    I looked up a 225C with a 280 drive - http://www.volvopentastore.com/Inter...view_id.786787

    the fork that is broke on your 280 drive lists for just under $1200 you may be able to find it on ebay for about $200 https://www.ebay.com/itm/Volvo-Penta...el!34212!US!-1
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      I don’t know how long the boat had been sitting in the water, I just bought it maybe a week ago if it’s been that long. The man I was supposed to buy it from and test drive it with didn’t show up, his wife did. She said they’d had the boat a year and never had any problems with it. She wouldn’t let me test drive it bc I didn’t have a man with me (🙄 very annoying) When I came back for the boat with my husband and our friend (another man... this time I had 2 men with me) she said that they was helping out a friend for us to go ahead and drive it from where the boat was sitting to the dock and they’d be there in a few minutes (she left the keys in the boat) once we got it loaded we figured out that the motor wouldn’t move up and down with the switch I called her to only receive a text back stating that you have to manually lift it the first time. Well ok, then the next morning (it had gotten dark on us) we see that there’s a big crack in the casing and took it out for a test and it wouldn’t go into gear, forward or reverse so loaded it back up and have been cluelessly looking on the internet for information on it. None of the boat repair shops anywhere around me work on Volvo Penta motors so I’m having to try my best to learn and try to acquire parts and hopefully can find some type of boating for dummies repair information lol