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Fatal boating accident

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    Originally posted by nurseman View Post

    I remember this. I had just moved to MN a couple years before this, and remember being appalled at the callousness of people who would hinder a rescue. I have only been on Minnetonka one time, but that was for an early morning fishing trip in a buddies boat. Not too many jerks out at 0600...
    Definitely not Minnesota nice or what I have come to expect from my fellow Minnesotans. I was on Minnetonka once, never again. I was scared for my LIFE thanks to the cabin cruisers and other smaller boats that went WOT right past me. I had water splash up over my bow! It was like trying to boat in a bad storm and find a safe harbor. We swore off the lake, I wrote a nasty letter to the Lake Minnetonka Conservation group outlining the level of danger of those folks and telling them enforcement is null, and the jerks know it. Will never splash there again unless I have a Navy Destroyer. THEN we'll see who wants to be a jerk.
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