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What kind of fire extinguisher do you carry on your boat?

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  • What kind of fire extinguisher do you carry on your boat?

    What kind of fire extinguisher do you keep on your boat? My old one that needs replacing is an ABC, which A covers wood, fiberglass, seats and carpet, B for gas and C for electrical fires. I don't see 'a lot' of ABC extinguishers available. Its usually AB, or BC. I guess the fire if one were to start would start as an electrical fire, or a gas related fire at the engine, so Im sure the readily available BC would be fine, but are you all carrying ABC's to cover everything?

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    I have 3 ABC extinguishers on the boat, and two in the garage.

    your boat has all three, you need all three
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      i keep a ABC on the boat and several more around the house
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        I carry two of the same BC extinguisher that iBoats sells, on my boat. I have 2 ABC 10lb extinguishers in my garage. I'm guessing the reason for the BC extinguisher is that your source of ignition will be either oil/fuel, or electrical. I pray we all throw our extinguisher out due to age, no because it's empty!!!
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          I dumped all my chemical extinguishers and replaced with the Halotron type...no mess if discharged
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            I have an old boat from 1988 that has wood interior pieces and I wanted to make sure my extinguisher would put out any wood, carpet and vinyl on fire too. I checked out the Halotron extinguishers but they appear to be for B-C fires. I did find the ABC I wanted but apparently it is a 1-A:10-B:C LOL. Kidde makes one. I got a BII type. Its called the Mariner 110 and cost me about $45


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              I have two 6lb Halon and a 6 lb ABC dry chem in the boat. In the garage and house, there are four 10lb abc dry chem, three 6lb Halon and four 10lb CO2. All three cars have a 6lb Halon in them.


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                BC fire extinguisher.


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                  I have a 5lb ABC coast guard approved extinguisher on my boat. Make sure it's coast guard approved. had my boat inspected once, the coast guard guy stated I could put my fire out and the guy's next to me fire. I guess a 5lb'er is on the large size to carry on a 22' boat.


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                    I just take the small BC one I keep in the car at all times with me when I go out on the boat. That way I never have to remember to pack it when I leave! Can you imagine needing one and not having it....


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                      I need to check. I know it is white and says Marine on it. By law I don't need one here in Canada as my boat is under 20 feet long but I think people are a bit nuts not to carry one with all that fuel in a boat. Also for a boat under 20' all is needed is a whistle for a signaling device. I carry a marine flare gun.
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                        The length of the vessel in Canada is only one aspect as to the requirements for a fire extinguisher. Just because your vessel is under 20' (6M) does not mean it can be without a fire extinguisher. The key part of the requirement is whether there is a fixed fuel tank in the vessel, or cooking, heating or refrigerating appliance. There are many vessels under 20' that require a fire extinguisher as per the regulations:



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                          Originally posted by Old Ironmaker View Post
                          e. I carry a marine flare gun.
                          I travel to Canada once or twice a year, and every year, the question on whether we can even possess a flair gun arises.

                          We have asked the conservation officers on the lake, and they were not sure if non residents could cross the border with and possess a flare gun. Told us to ask at the border.

                          We were always reluctant to ask at the border, because 2 times asking the wrong question or giving a vague answer, has resulted in a full inspection and several hour delay. One time, something as innocent as dad not having his hearing aids turned up far enough, got us pulled into the "naughty American" parking area.

                          We don't use the Great Lakes in Canada, only inland in far western Ontario.

                          We were told by our resort owner years ago, that even handheld flares were not allowed by us shady south of the border types.

                          Do you have any advice as to where we could get an accurate answer?
                          Medford, WI


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                            I would check with Canada Border Security/Customs Canada. There are many things legal on both sides of the border that can not be taken across the border, like many foods.
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                              Roscoe - yes, check with CBSA via telephone - when you're not trying to cross !😀

                              From thier website:

                              Calls outside Canada

                              Long distance charges apply
                              1-204-983-3500 or

                              "Far western Ontario" is my neck of the woods. Just curious, what lakes do you hit up here?