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over powered boat floatability

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  • over powered boat floatability

    so i just rigged up a 1992 sylvan 14ft fiberglass boat with a 1996 evinrude 112spl and the boat is rated for a 60hp the transom floor and stringers are all good but im curious about how it will float i reinforced the transom with a aluminum plate any help is appreciated and what kinda prop should i run on this beast

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    The best thing is to leave the prop in a box.

    The motor may drop the transom under water with gear and human lives aboard. The motor is about 100 lbs. over a 60 and at the very end of the boat.

    You don't have a smaller motor?
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      Not going to find much (if any) supportl or help for a grossly overpowered boat.

      Good luck.

      Boat safely
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        Not condoning what you did, but pics of it floating would be helpful. I think the previous posts are correct.
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          Well I took it out today the damn thing floated really high in the air in the back it was awesome I was very surprised I will post pictures in spring it was fast too has anyone ever seen one of these boats anywhere cause I haven't it's only 14ft it's a sylvan has a pretty deep v and is dark blue and white


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            have a friend with an old 15' Herters that he put a 135 merc 6 cyl on boat literally starts to twist or roll on it's side at anything above 3/4 throttle.


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              I purchased my 150hp Yamaha motor offa a grossly over-powered boat, the guy had hung the motor behind his boat and thought he was being clever, he wasn't- and the result wasn't either.........be careful, enjoy.
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                It may be fast, but those those things aren't meant for high speed. They are light and a little wind or wave could send you flying. Just be careful. If you really have a need for speed get the right tool for the job.
                Examples: Cheap jet ski, cheap jet boat, etc. these are made for high speeds. A dinghy rowboat is not

                Be careful.....
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                  In addition to everything said you are endangering yourself and anyone who goes out with you. There are substantial reasons why boat manufacturers have to comply with Coast Guard rules for HP. One of them is loading. The boat is rated for a specific amount of persons gear and engine weight. The amount of flotation built into the boat is calculated partly based on the engine weight as well. In many states overpowering is a violation and can net you a big fine. The Coast Guard won't cite you for it, but if the boat acts erratically they could cite you for negligent operation. So all in all what you are doing is not a good idea. That doesn't even take into account the handling issues. Many manufacturers also run their boats through a specific maneuvering test. It is not a Coast Guard Requirement, but is in other countries. If the boat can't maneuver safely through the course with the size engine on it, then they have to use a smaller engine. If this boat was rated at 60HP then there is no way it would pass the maneuvering test with 112 HP. I suggest you sell the engine and get a 60.
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                    I never understand people's need to go fast on the water.