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NTSB Safety Recommendation Report

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  • NTSB Safety Recommendation Report

    Interesting reading on shared use on regulated waterways. They are recommending making operator education/licensing for all including non-powered on Federal Navigable Waters.

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    I agree that there should be mandatory boater education. California is phasing that in in stages, starting with younger folks and eventually getting to old farts like me:

    HOWEVER, I don't think it should be because--as in the NTSB report linked--a complacent commercial ferry operator forgot to look where he was going before backing up.

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      I've been on those ferries and the captains do it so many times a day they can do it blind folded, and for the most part do. So the NTSB wants to educate the public that folks that drive for a living might not be paying attention. This is a good idea but just like in California with the boating card, once the training is over just how long will it take before its forgotten. Another point they say the card is "estimated" to be no more then $10, but knowing the Government and finding a new funding source, its a matter of time before it gets increased.
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