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Idiots with Head Lights

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    Originally posted by Simple_Man View Post
    lol I finally got the local LEO's to do something about it. They were finally out at nite and I saw them writing tickets. I also found out the fine for improper lights/operating dangerously was over $500.
    Wow . . . the folks on the lake are going to love you
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      This is the same thing that's going on on the roads with the cars and driving lights. I can't see for a few seconds after meeting one.I can guess this is much worse on the water.


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        Originally posted by jbcurt00 View Post
        I'd suggest avoiding any sort of retaliatory behavior or aggressive acts.

        Put a golf ball or flare thru someones hull, or simply pointing it at them, loaded or not, and I'd double down on who's getting a visit from the fellas w the badges.

        Psst: not the guys w their headlights on........ And I'd also bet its not going to be a little slip of paper w WARNING written on it.

        Not every boater using docking lights incorrectly is doing it simply to ruin your boating experience...... Nor a moron, and not an entitled, arrogant jerk.....

        Yes, you will encounter all those types of boaters.... Its called interacting w the general public....
        Some wont take your helpful critism well....
        Fewer still will take your 'advice' when its offered in a hostile manner.

        Right or wrong, they think its helping to avoid debris in the water or figure out where they're going.....

        And it usually never ends well when you try to right a percieved wrong by also choosing to behave rudely...

        Be thankful you can enjoy a boat and boating...

        Some (many?) cant...

        Gripe all you want about it but its still better then a day at work.

        If people, boats and other boaters bother you, consider buying a lottery ticket and when you win, buy yourself a nice private lake, so you can be the sole boater on it. And enjoy knowing no one else can disturb your private boating experience.........

        If you find you only meet jerks and rude people as you move thru life, it may be time to look in the mirror and decide that the problem isnt entirely other people.
        This^^^^^! I agree it's a little annoying , but no more so than meeting a car on the road with his hi beams on. I normally just slow down and give them more room and avoid looking directly at their lights. In CDL training they emphasize to not "get back at them" by turning on your own hi beams because it could also temporarily blind them and cause an accident. Same goes for driving a boat. This is one of the minor inconveniences of boating with the public, some pay more attention and are better drivers than others, and some are not... If I'd go to my local PD and rant about people driving with their hi beams on, I would probably get laughed at.. Just roll with the flow and accept it as a part of boating