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How Big Can I Trailer?

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  • How Big Can I Trailer?

    I'm looking for a little advice on boat selection and trailering. I'm in the market for one of three boats. In order of preference:

    Model LOA Beam Dry Weight
    Chaparral 290 30'8" 10' 9700
    Sundancer 290 31'1" 9'6" 9250
    Chaparral 280 29'0" 9'6" 9100

    My trailering need is 16 miles over 30-45 mph state roads twice a year. Roads are fairly tight around here in CT, especially the last mile to the water.

    My original plan was to hire someone with a hydraulic trailer. Got estimates around $500-$700 each way. The major advantage is someone else deals with it and I no longer have to deal with trailer brakes in salt water. I can also paint the bottom easier. Some years I could even just leave at the marina for about $1500, but I prefer to work on it at home. One of the things I don't like is that in the rare case of a hurricane scare I likely won't be able to get the boat out. I would rely on one or two people.

    My other option is to buy a trailer. I recently saw all these boats on trailers. I would likely hire someone to tow, which is significantly cheaper than the hydraulic trailers. My father has a 2004 6.0L diesel F-250 but I think his hitch is 2" and we are reluctant to tow something that big. Unfortunately with trailer I have to deal with painting the bottom, and I doubt I could jack it up like I do on my current 4000 lb boat.

    So I was looking for any helpful advice. I feel much more comfortable with the chap 280 just by looking at the size. But the numbers don't appear to be much different. Although I think the 10' beam is unfortunately just pushing it too much. Any helpful advice?

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    Over width may require permits, short trip or not.
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      Anything over 8’-6” in my state is oversize.


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        8’-6” is the typical limit to tow without oversized permits. Some states are 8’-0”. So, you’ll be getting the permit.

        all of those boats should be fine to tow.
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